Technical Specifications

Hire Space Tech Equipment

We also hire out and programme into Hexham Library, our White Room and Gallery spaces. 

Hire Space Equipment

All hire spaces are equipped with projection equipment and basic sound playback.

The White Room and Studio also have dedicated projection screens.

Video input for ALL spaces is HDMI only. If your device does not output HDMI you will not be able to connect it to our projectors.

Basic Bluetooth playback systems in the Studio and White Room.

Please note any equipment brought onto QH premises which you intend to plug into the wall must have a valid PAT certificate (usually just a sticker on the item’s plug or cable).

Hire Space Pro Equipment

We also have a number of solutions for events and performances in these spaces, however please note this equipment is not part of any basic room hire.


  • Bose F1 stereo PA with subs
  • HK Audio Lucas Nano portable vocal reinforcement / mini PA
  • X32 Compact mixer
  • X32-Mix iPad remote


Basic theatrical LX for lighting performers (please note the Studio has a small, but fully controllable LED LX rig)

Chauvet Well Fit kit for architectural LX

Portable stage decking (aluminium, not steel, surface carpeted light grey) – 4 x 2 x 1m / 4 x 1.5 x 1m / 8 or 16” legs, handrails / treads available.

All other tech requirements need to be taken from the Main Theatre kit, dependent on availability.

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