Seating Guide

We hope you have a comfortable experience at Queen's Hall. If you have any additional questions about seating that you can find on this page please get in touch. 

Main Theatre

All of our auditorium seats are cushioned with folding seats which spring back against the backrest.  Wheelchair users and those with mobility issues can be seated at the front of the stalls in Row A or at the back of the stalls in Row S.

We also have a small number of cushions to provide additional comfort if needed - just ask a steward. 

Rows A – D

The first four rows in front of the stage are all at the same level. The rest of the seats are staggered to help with line of sight. Chair width is 43cm wide and 46cm deep. Legroom for rows B, C and D is 76cm. These chairs have arm rests.

There is space on row A for wheelchair users. 

Rows E – R

Chair width is 43cm wide and 46cm deep. These chairs have arm rests. Legroom is 73cm.

Row S

Chair width is 46cm and 46cm deep. There are no arm rests. Legroom is 133cm.

There is space on this row for wheelchair users. 

Balcony seats

All of our balcony seats are cushioned and connected without arm rests. Chair width is 43cm and 40cm deep. Legroom is 63cm.

Studio, Library and White Room

These spaces use movable seats which are 44cm wide and 42 cm deep. They do not have arm rests. Legroom will depend on the room layout.

If you would like to find out about the room layout in advance or have specific requirements, please get in touch with our box office. 

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