Our Mission

Our mission is to be the creative heart of the community, delivering great arts experiences and supporting professional and aspiring artists.  

The creative heart of the community...

  • A welcoming and stimulating environment for all to experience a broad range of arts activities.
  • Theatre, studio and gallery spaces and other resources at Queen’s Hall Arts Centre for the presentation of work to the highest possible standard.
  • A focal point for cultural organisations where links and partnerships can be developed.
  • Engagement with the full diversity of our community.
  • Resources that can be easily accessed by a large rural catchment.

Great arts experiences...

  • A range of shows, exhibitions and other events that are both entertaining and thought provoking.
  • High quality touring work from across the country (and beyond) that reflects the diversity and range of contemporary arts interests in Britain.
  • In-house and commissioned work that is informed by a relationship with the community.
  • Participatory activities that are fulfilling and develop skills.
  • Great events and other activities across West Northumberland (and beyond).

Supporting professional and aspiring artists...

  • Commissions, productions & co-productions. 
  • Residencies.
  • Mentoring and other long-term support.
  • Training and skills development opportunities.
  • A high proportion of our work with and for young people.
  • Technical and organisational support for artists opening new productions.
  • Networking, collaborating and taking part in partnership initiatives.
  • Programming new and challenging work.
  • Contributing to a viable arts ecology, regionally and nationally.
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