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Technical Specifications

Welcome to the technical department here at the Queens Hall in sunny Hexham. Or at least it’s sunny today, anyway. Hooray! Please note these pages are designed to be read by Technicians and are written by our Technical Team. 

On this page you will (hopefully) find all the information you need, whether it’s still early days and you’re wondering if we could be the right venue for you, or if you have a date booked and you’re checking venues on your tour, hoping they all stock a specific item so you don’t have to.

We have a varied programme so do check out our Programming Policy about the types of things we put on. 

First things first, our main contact details for the technical team are:

Lead Technician: Scoon Ferguson - [email protected] 

General Enquires: [email protected] 

Our Spaces

We operate two performance spaces; the Main Theatre and Studio Theatre. We also programme in Hexham Library, White Room, Gallery spaces as well as outside our venue.

The Studio Theatre is situated underneath the rake of our main auditorium (meaning we’re usually unable to stage performances in both spaces simultaneously).

Dressing Rooms

Both our Main Theatre and Studio are served by the same two six-person dressing rooms, recently refurbished, with showers / WC / fridge / kettle / iron & ironing board / Wi-Fi.

A little laundry cupboard is nearby, with a domestic washing machine and tumble dryer available for use. When available, the Studio itself can be booked as an overspill dressing room / wardrobe room / crew room / yogic retreat.

Our full Tech Spec for all of our spaces can be downloaded as a document here: 

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