5 December 23

Hexham based traveller and humanitarian launches round-the-world bicycle expedition in aid of Ukraine


Volodymyr "Volo" Muliar, a passionate traveller, vlogger, musician, and sound engineer originally from Ukraine, is embarking on an unprecedented solo round-the-world bicycle expedition to raise funds for aid to Ukraine.

The ambitious journey, set to commence in May 2024, will span more than 60,000km across all continents, including Antarctica, making it one of the longest solo cycling trips in history.

In 2023, Muliar and his family found refuge in Hexham, where they experienced “extraordinary hospitality and warmth”. He is currently working as a Caretaker and Technician at Queen’s Hall Arts Centre in Hexham.

Expressing his deep gratitude, Muliar is set to kickstart the monumental project from the centre of Hexham and plans to complete his journey in the same spot in 2027.

Volo explained “I am excited but I also have difficult feelings about this expedition. I’m excited as I want to discover the world. However, I feel sad about the reason why I am raising money. It will also be very hard for me to be away from my family for such a long time, especially my son. But at the same time, I feel this is my calling to help my fellow Ukrainians. As the war continues in Ukraine, I feel I have to do something to help my country.”

Katy Taylor, Artistic Director and Chief Executive at Queen’s Hall, commented: “It was a real pleasure to welcome Volo and his family to Queen’s Hall and Hexham through UNESCOs Artists at Risk scheme. Since then, Volo has joined Queen’s Hall’s team and now we are excited to support him on his next adventures. We are all overawed by his plans to cycle the globe and we hope the whole community will support him.”

In order to undertake the ambitious trip, which will take approximately three years to compete, Volo needs to raise money for essential kit and living expenses totaling £19,600. All additional funds raised will then be directed to the Disasters Emergency Committee, supporting humanitarian aid for people, refugees, and children affected by the Russian invasion.

Supporters will be able to follow Muliar's journey on his English-language YouTube channel, ‘Two-wheeled Chronicles’, where he plans to release regular videos documenting his travels and fundraising efforts.

For more information and to support Volo's expedition visit his Go Fund Me page.

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