Yoan Segot

Embarking on a multidisciplinary journey, I fuse visual storytelling and music to transcend language barriers. Inspired by diverse mediums and artists like Kentridge, Richter and Reich, my work explores the convergence of reality and imagination. Currently, I delve into places of history, capturing the essence of passing time and decay, adding layers of depth to my creative exploration.

Letting Go
Although I am a french artist, currently living in the UK, my partner of 13 years comes from Scarborough. I have spent a great amount of time in that region and very much consider the North East my second home in the UK.

My current artistic practice combines watercolour with digital animation and footage. I explore the themes of love, loss and perception in the context of places where life once was, the passing of time, and the fragments of our memories. I have used the Old Gaol as the background for my animation Letting Go. Places of importance around us, their impact on us today, how we relate to them, what we should take from them, and what we need to learn how to let go.

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