Queen’s Hall Digital Stories

As part of our 40th Anniversary celebrations, we invited members of Queen’s Hall Theatre Club to share their memories of the club. Working with Alex Henry from Curiosity Creative, participants learnt how to turn their memories into scripts and choose visuals to illustrate them to generate digital stories. 

Moya Holmes Director of Queen’s Hall Theatre Club explained: “It’s been great for Queen’s Hall Theatre Club members to get together and participate in the Queen’s Hall Digital Stories project, linked with the 40th Anniversary events. We had a lot of memories to work with, as our group was formed in 1985 - and we look forward to celebrating our own 40th in 2025!

The process of working with Curiosity Creative was fascinating, as it helped us to discuss and crystallize the things which were special to individual members of the group. The memories and the laughs flowed, and we were all reminded of high points – less than high points, and things we thought we had forgotten.

It has been lovely to hear people really reflect on what participation in the Theatre Club has meant to them. It was brilliant that we had both our longest serving and our newest members talking so positively about their experiences. So, we know the club has been doing something right all this time!” 

We’re delighted to share the finished series of Queen's Hall Digital Stories…

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