Lily Mae Kroese

I’m an animator and community artist, interested in collaborative, community focused work. Led by a love of gentle storytelling, my work seeks to connect with people in quiet ways. Using a combination of traditional and digital techniques, I hope to create handmade tactility in my work, connecting the viewer to the slow process of making. I regularly work with academics, charities and organisations, listening and helping to tell their stories. I am particularly interested in stories about nature and notions of home and belonging.

It’s Home Isn’t It 
By Jennie Brewis
Animation by Lily Mae Kroese

Using the voices of local people and the sounds of nature and the environment It’s Home isn’t it? captures the positive communal experience of Hexham.

This piece was made in collaboration with Gary Bowden, Chrysalis Club Tynedale and the patrons of The Coach and Horses, Rowan Lees, the young people and staff at Corbridge Middle School, Rob Mackay, David de la Haye, Julie Bartley and the families involved in Queen’s Hall’s Sound Explorers workshops as well as John Ashton, who worked on the audio post-production.

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