Liam Owen & Stevie Ronnie

Liam Owen is a freelance physical and digital designer based in South London. He works across both mediums but with one central purpose, to create quality products with love and craft.

Stevie Ronnie is a freelance interdisciplinary artist and writer based in Northumberland. He is interested in what cannot be said and what is lost in translation in the context of our changing world.

Both Liam and Stevie grew up in the North Tyne Valley. These formative years in rural Northumberland have, and continue to, help shape their creative works and collaborations.

Four Years From Now, Walking with my Daughter 
Based on a poem written by Stevie after the birth of his first child this animated poetry film explores the emotional experience shared by parents as their children grow further apart from them with age, whilst touching on the wider themes of love and loss. It is also a love letter from both artists to the stunning Northumberland countryside that they enjoyed together as kids. This short film has screened at several film, animation and literary festivals worldwide, attracting several awards.

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