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Key Change Northumberland

Funded by Youth Music, Key Change Northumberland is an ambitious project from Queen’s Hall Arts in partnership with Youth Groups in the Tyne Valley and Core Music CIC.

The project centres on young people (the Key Changers) creating a brand-new festival in the Tyne Valley - a festival for young people by young people.

“It’s crucial we enable more young people to make, learn and earn in music, whatever their background or goal. That’s why we’re excited to invest in innovative projects like Key Change Northumberland, providing crucial hands-on experience for young people in live events.”

Matt Griffiths, Youth Music CEO

Here's a look back at the Key Changers prepared to run their own festival in September 2023...

Key Change Northumberland places young people at its heart with a focus on supporting participants to progress their skills and experience in order to succeed in presenting a brand-new festival in 2023 and more exciting events in 2024.

“It’s a good opportunity to show adults that kids can take responsibility and create something for everyone to enjoy.”

Hannah, Queen Elizabeth High School student

The group benefit from ongoing support from the Queen's Hall Arts team alongside workshops and activities from music industry professionals and facilitators. This is a unique opportunity to experience running an event and to learn about the professions that work behind the scenes in the music industry. 
Arts Awards at different levels are also offered to participants.

For more information or to find out how to join the Key Change Northumberland group, email the Box Office team.

Find Festival 2023

In September 2023, the Key Changers successfully presented the first ever Find Festival in Sele Park, Hexham! Here's a look back at the day...

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