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Illuminated Sheep

Illuminated Sheep along Hadrian's Wall

New for 2024! Illuminated Sheep Adoption Scheme along Hadrian’s Wall this Autumn.

What is the project? 
We’re looking for community groups and visitor attractions to get involved and create a line of 50 Sheep from the East to the West of Hadrian’s Wall in September 2024.

If you adopt one of our life-size model Sheep, you’ll be able to dress them in a costume of your choice, give them a name and start sharing your photos and stories online - sharing what your Sheep has been up to in and around your part of Hadrian’s Wall Country. 

We want to see them visiting schools, going to events and taking part in activities. Or maybe you just have a great place to safely install your Sheep, somewhere lots of people will enjoy seeing it.

At the end of the Adoption Scheme, the Illuminated Sheep will shed their costumes, gather as a flock and tour as an artwork during October. As an artwork, the flock will be batched in multi-coloured lights which change in keeping with a specially-commissioned soundtrack.

Who set up the project? The Illuminated Sheep project is part-funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund with the North of Tyne Combined Authority as the lead authority.

The adoption scheme has been devised by Queen’s Hall Arts in Hexham, in partnership with artist Deepa Mann-Kler and the Hadrian’s Wall Partnership.

Why should I get involved? This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of a Wall-wide event this autumn, celebrating the communities and attractions of Hadrian’s Wall.

Where will it take place? We’re keen to celebrate all of the communities and visitor attractions across the Wall, we’re NOT looking for any Sheep to be put on the Wall itself!

How much does it cost? There’s no charge for adopting a Sheep, we just ask you to take care of your sheep and send us photos of how you have dressed them and where they have been with you. 

Good to know...If you’re selected to adopt a sheep for your Hadrian’s Wall community, you’ll be invited to collect your Sheep from Hexham at the end of August. You can then name your sheep, dress them up and take them on adventures, returning them at the end of September. They fit into the boot of most hatchback cars with a rear seat folded down.

How do I get involved?

Register your interest here to be sent more information about the event.

10. Pupils From Seahouses Primary School Will Adopt One Of The Sheep For A County Wide Art Trail

Where Illuminated Sheep started...

Find out more about our wider Illuminated Sheep project and see how Northumberland communities have dressed and celebrated their sheep in the past, and the ways in which adopting a sheep brought people together. 

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