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Resonance Renewed

  • 15 March - 27 April
  • Tickets: Free
  • Gallery One
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Monday - Saturday (10am - 12pm | 1 - 4pm)

The body of work Muhammad Shaan created for this exhibition began when he found his calling in breathing new life into discarded objects. Inspired by the potential of carbon capture and the preservation of our environment, Muhammad’s artwork stands as a testament to his commitment to sustainability. Through his pieces crafted from reclaimed materials all sourced locally like wood offcuts, he not only creates visually striking compositions but also advocates for environmental consciousness and repurposing of resources. 

His exhibition Resonance Renewed promises to be a journey into a world where discarded materials find new meaning, and art becomes a medium for positive environmental impact.

Muhammad would like to thank Queen's Hall for acknowledging his efforts and giving him the opportunity to exhibit his artwork. 

Muhammad Shaan is a visual artist/designer with a degree in filmmaking and a profound interest in innovative artistic expressions. He moved to Britain from Pakistan 12 years ago, infusing his work with multicultural influences and experiences gained over the years. Britain’s rich cultural tapestry has been a continual wellspring of inspiration for Muhammad’s creative journey.

His current artistic endeavours centre around the transformative potential of recycled materials, a choice deeply rooted in his commitment to environmental sustainability. Utilising these materials, Muhammad explores the themes of environmental consciousness and carbon capture, using his craft to communicate the urgent need for sustainable living.

Combining his foundational knowledge in filmmaking with his passion for art, Muhammad’s approach to creation is a blend of studied techniques and self-taught experimentation. He is currently focused on developing a new body of work that intertwines visual storytelling techniques learned from his filmmaking background with his dedication to environmental advocacy.

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