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  • Thursday 3 October, 7.30pm
  • Tickets From £14
  • Main Theatre
IMAGO 1 Ph. Erminando Aliaj

IMAGO, a profound exploration of human relationships, delves into the intricate choices shaping the architecture of connections. In twelve evolving chapters, two men traverse environments of interaction, conflict, denial, and acceptance, leaving the conclusion open for the audience's interpretation.

The full-length work features an original score by Sean Pett, complemented by Max Richter and Vivaldi. The intricate music combines classical compositions with emotive modern pieces, creating a varied soundscape mirroring life's seasons. The minimalist scenography, with floral bouquets and white pillars, symbolizes constant movement and hidden stories.

Flowers, inspired by their historical symbolism, represent the human tendency to conceal truths with beauty. IMAGO unveils our inclination to hide behind aesthetics, fearing vulnerability. It challenges audiences to confront hidden dysfunctions in relationships, offering a powerful, thought-provoking performance. A deeply moving exploration of the human condition, IMAGO lingers in the mind, urging contemplation long after the curtain falls. This stirring work showcases contemporary dance at its highest caliber, inviting personal identification within a nuanced narrative.

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Choreography & Performance: James Pett & Travis Clausen-Knight

Original Music Score: Sean Pett 

Live Music: Sean Pett - piano, Adriana Cristea - violin

Costume design, light design and set design: James Pett & Travis Clausen-Knight

Set Production: Mechanical Creations - supported by Abderrahim Crickmay Foundation

Flower design: Marco de Angelis / Just Green Pontinia

Company Manager: Martina Smadelli Bonardi

Residency Support: Moonwalk, Abbey Hall Eye & Eden Court Theatre

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