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Hexham & District Photographic Society

  • Friday 3 May - Saturday 1 June
  • Tickets: Free
  • Gallery Two
Photosoc 2

Monday - Saturday (10am - 12pm | 1 - 4pm)

What do you enjoy taking photos of, with your camera or phone?

It can be great fun to combine photography with your hobbies. At Hexham and District Photographic Society, we have members who dive with sharks, climb mountains in the snow, spectate at motor rallies, and even go on safaris. Of course, we also have members who focus on landscape, wildlife or architecture photography, as well as a number who enjoy street photography, portraits and still life. Some members produce detailed photographs of flowers, insects, and even the stars. The list seems endless. We try to develop our skills in seeing interesting compositions to photograph and in handling the light and shade, in colour and in black and white. Though members have varying levels of experience, we do look to help improve people’s skills and their enjoyment of photography.

So, please enjoy looking at our exhibition, you may be encouraged to try out some ideas of your own. You might even be interested in joining our club.

We meet at the Torch Centre, in Hexham, every Tuesday, between September and April, with our President introducing each evening at 7.30 pm We have invited speakers, practical nights, competitions, and audio-visual nights; plenty of interesting sessions and friendly members to chat with. If you are interested, you don’t have to become a member straight away; you can just come along for a couple of taster sessions, and see what we are up to next.

If you want to join the Hexham & District Photographic Society for the first time, you can take advantage of a special 50% discount on the normal membership fee of £60 by registering online here.

Visible images in this shot include images from: Graham Bradshaw, Barbara Austin, Duncan Burrridge, Kevin Hilton and Jane Waitt.

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