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Club Culture

  • 15 March - 27 April
  • Tickets: Free
  • Gallery Two
Landscape Trevor Centre

Monday - Saturday (10am - 12pm | 1 - 4pm)

These witty and poignant portraits of current Working Men’s and Social Club members give a glimpse into spaces of warmth and community which are dying off by the month - but might be needed now more than ever.

Captured across nine clubs in Northumberland in 2023 and 2024, they show us stalwarts and singers, drinkers and dogs, newbies and committee members - and a surprisingly high number of Alans!

As an autistic teetotaller, Allendale photographer Colin Potsig stepped out of his comfort zone to find a friendly welcome in places steeped in the past and fighting for survival in an uncertain future.

Colin Potsig is a photographic artist based in Allendale, specialising in portraits and documentary photography, with a particular interest in marginalised people and places. Previous Arts Council funded projects include the “You, Me and Autism” and "You, Me and Autism Too" series, which were exhibited nationally.

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