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Theatre ARC Stockton

Welcome to the Jungle

  • Wednesday 6 March, 7.30pm
  • Tickets From £13
  • Main Theatre
WTTJ Highres 190922 20

By Umar Butt

After being placed in grave danger, Tamanna has fled from her family home in Pakistan, travelled illegally across continents, spent time in the Calais Jungle, and has ended up here.

Charlie has been at a nightclub, dancing and drinking, looking for her own kind of refuge from the weight of caring for her terminally ill mum.

As Charlie emerges from the club into the night air, she sees a figure standing on the edge of a nearby bridge, and is compelled to run to them.

This is the moment Charlie's and Tamanna's lives entwine. As these strangers meet at a pivotal moment in both their lives, are they able to accept each other, share their truths with one another, is this a chance meeting, or fate?

Welcome to the Jungle is the epic, intensely personal tale of how two strangers came to meet each other in the middle of the night, on an empty bridge.

Welcome to the Jungle explores vital, contemporary issues around identity, migration, belonging, family and community. It seeks to help neighbours understand each other better – their experiences, their points of view, their hopes and their values. A story which helps us all find connection with each other, and celebrate our differences.

Welcome to the Jungle deals with serious, complex, global and intimate issues – but is fun, filled with beautiful music, dance, and like all of Umar Butts work, is full of heart and humanity.

Trigger warning: The show deals with these subjects; Migration, addiction and violence.

Writer/Director Umar Butt
Assistant Director Jameela Khan
Music Composer Seweryna Dudzinska
Animation Adam York

Umar Butt
Anisa Butt
Liz Simmons
Alberto Dumba
Juho Hankela

“The process of writing this play was hard because it deals with themes that I find uncomfortably close to who I am, where I come from, and what I want in life. However, I didn’t just want to write about my experience of immigration and addiction, because I know what that is/was. I felt that if I went down that road, then I’m not leaving any room for other people’s experiences, directly or indirectly, and it is always important for me to make space for people to talk about and share their stories.”

Umar Butt, Writer/Director
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