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The Donkey, The Whippet and The Giant Leek

  • Tuesday 23 April, 7.30pm
  • Tickets From £16
  • Main Theatre
The Donkey, The Whippet And The Giant Leek Just Image 2 Copy

The Donkey, The Whippet and The Giant Leek is a 90 minute entertainment starring Graeme Danby and Valerie Reid celebrating the music of North East composer Eric Boswell.

The show features more than a dozen songs ranging from comic favourites The Whippet and The Great Longbenton Leek to gorgeous ballads such as The Summer of Last Year and Katie Was There from the musical he wrote with Catherine Cookson.

Many of his songs have been recorded by Graeme Danby and Valerie Reid. Some of his best numbers were written especially for them – including Maybe This Is Love which he wrote for their wedding.

Boswell died in 2009 and the show explores his work as a chronicler of the fast-changing life and landscape of the North East. Co-writers and producers Tom Kelly and Graeme Thompson are putting together a short tour in late March/April and early May of 2024 to fit with Graeme Danby’s international performing schedule. 

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