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Family Squiggle Productions

The Boy & The Seahorse

  • Thursday 22 February, 2.30pm
  • Tickets From £8
  • Main Theatre
  • No Future Dates

back by popular demand!

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Back by popular demand! The Boy & The Seahorse is a modern Northumbrian folktale with original music exploring our seafaring heritage, celebrating cultural differences and educating younger audiences on articulating negative emotion.

Newcastle Upon Tyne, 1899. Hope is in the air, we are at the end of the black plague pandemic, people are finally leaving their houses and Sir William Armstrong has installed electric street-lamps on the Quayside. We follow a brave sailor boy as he embarks on his magical seafaring adventure to earn enough money to see his mother through the winter.

The boy must learn about all the mythical creatures of the sea and how to defeat them as well as his own anxieties (The Whispers Of The Kraken). With the help of his crew-mates and Northumbrian folklore, the boy seeks the help of the magical seahorse to ensure everyone returns home safely.

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