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Philip Goff – Why? The Purpose of the Universe

  • Sunday 28 April, 11am
  • Tickets From £9
  • Main Theatre

Why are we here? What’s the point of existence?

Philip Goff is best known for defending panpsychism, the view that consciousness pervades the universe and is a fundamental feature of it. On the 'big questions' of meaning and purpose, Western thought has been dominated by the dichotomy of traditional religion and secularism. Goff believes that it is time to move on from both God and atheism. Through an exploration of contemporary cosmology and cutting-edge philosophical research on consciousness, Goff argues for cosmic purpose: the idea that the universe is directed towards certain goals, laying the foundations for a new paradigm of philosophical enquiry into the middle ground between God and atheism.

Chaired by Gerry Foley

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