Lost and Found 

  • 5 - 22 June
  • Tickets: Free
  • Gallery One and Two
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Monday - Saturday (10am - 12pm | 1 - 4pm)

A Seeds of Hope project.

Artists: Yuliia Achkasova, Jo Aris, Linda Kent, Yaryna Kvitka, Karen Melvin, Lucy Nychai, Nataliia Petryc, Tim Rubidge.

This is an art exhibition, featuring the Ukrainian and UK visual artists in the group and their individual responses to what is lost and what is found when one leaves home and finds oneself in a new country: meetings, connections, place and identity.

When we leave the home where we were born and raised, whether by force or by choice, the world becomes wider, and we become more confident. We seek our own path and achieve some success, building new nests. But wherever we go, we carry memories with us, holding them under our pillows, on shelves, or deep within our hearts. 

Our place of arrival - Tynedale - has become a new home for each of us at different times. This home has given us warmth, love, fresh and humid air, cobblestone roads, warm earth, and new friends. 

Forces of history have brought us together to find common ground, to find a sense of collective agency, seeking a unique voice here in this corner of Tynedale - holding important values like unity, common humanity, a sense of place and belonging 

Curators: Karen Melvin and Lucy Nychai

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