We've announced our 2023 Christmas production

Talks Hexham Book Festival at Queen’s Hall

Gavin Esler - Britain is Better Than This

  • Saturday 18 November, 7.30pm
  • Tickets From £10
  • Main Theatre
  • No Future Dates
Gavin Esler 1 Danny Burrows

Journalist Gavin Esler presented the BBC current affairs show Newsnight for 12 years. Drawing on his decades long experience as a political commentator, Esler sheds light on the failures at the heart of Britain’s political system. 

Covering recent events that indicate a government in crisis – the MP expenses scandal, Brexit, ‘Partygate’ and the farcical premiership of Liz Truss. In his book he discusses the fundamental flaws in core institutions and the practical solutions we can implement to build a better future. 

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