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Fat Chance

  • Wednesday 10 April, 7.30pm
  • Tickets From £13
  • Studio
Fat Chance 5000X5000 Plain

Written & Performed by Rachel Stockdale
Directed by Jonluke McKie

“I’m not saying I’m not beautiful. I’m saying I’m fat AND beautiful.”

Meet Rachel - a 20-something actress from Middlesbrough whose funny, celebratory and politically powerful one-woman play explores her true-life experience of weight gain from size 8 to 18. From audition nerves and throwaway comments to literally breaking a leg this play is for:

Anyone who’s felt like they had to shrink themselves
Anyone who's adapted to be more palatable to others
Anyone who's ever put on or lost weight and been treated differently
Anyone who had free school dinners
Anyone who feels they don’t fit.

This unconventional show looks at the pitfalls of trying to have it all.

“On rare occasions, if you’re lucky, you get to see a theatre performer who changes the way you see the world. So it was when Rachel Stockdale held stage and audience... in Fat Chance.”

★★★★★ North East Bylines

"I've never felt an audience collectively hold its breath in sheer shock and anticipation. This is raw and this is real."

★★★★★ The Crack Magazine

“A remarkable first production. I have no doubt she will move onto great things.”

★★★★★ The Arts Business

“Eat your heart out Jo Brand, there’s a new girl on the block and one with a message to boot.”

★★★★★ Reviews Hub
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