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Theatre Queen’s Hall & Gala, Durham

Beyond Caring

  • Wednesday 11 October, 7pm
  • Tickets From £10
  • Main Theatre
  • No Future Dates
Beyond Caring
Beyond Caring

By Christina Castling
Directed by Jonluke McKie

“Older people, they’re still people. Like you and me. Just a bit, well, baggier around the edges.”

Meet Queenie, Elaine and Alex, resident, relative and carer at Cedar Point Care Home. A place where the corridors roar with laughter and ache with sadness and where outrageous antics mingle with tough conversations.

Beyond Caring is a powerful new play that takes a frank, humorous and heartbreaking look at life behind the doors of a care home. Based on interviews with residents, relatives and staff, this play uncovers the reality of caring for others, looking after ourselves and getting older.

"I don’t know what I pictured, but it wasn’t this. Having to let go, bit by bit until, well – I’ve let go of so much, I’m not quite sure what’s left to hold on to."

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