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Film Queen's Hall as part of Tyne Valley Film Festival

Around China with a Movie Camera (with live score)

  • Tuesday 26 March, 7pm
  • Tickets From £7.50
  • Main Theatre
Around China With A Movie Camera[37]

Take a trip back to China in the first half of the 20th Century with this extraordinary collection of rare and beautiful travelogues, newsreels and home movies.

From the bustling cosmopolitan streets of Shanghai to the picturesque canals of Hangzhou. Including what might be the oldest surviving film to be shot in China - unseen for over 115 years. Explore 50 years of Chinese history with an original score composed and performed live by artist duo SMLM.

SMLM (consisting of Sarah Li and Edwin Li) are a transgressive, experimental, electronic musical duo based in Newcastle upon Tyne. They often incorporate film, installation or drag as part of their live sets. Informed by Chinese and British heritage, the duo will bring an exciting blend of Chinese classical instruments with experimental, operatic, electronic, grunge and folk music.

This programme was compiled in 2015 by the British Film Institute National Archive from their collections and is screening as part of the Tyne Valley Film Festival. An annual community programmed film festival that spans the entire Tyne Valley bringing the best cinema has to offer to rural audiences.

This screening and live performance has been funded by the Forum Cinema and people who generously donated to the SMLM fundraiser: Lee Kai Hung, Tyze Li, Moi Li, Gerry Yeung, Joanne Yeung, Elvin He, Kelvin Liu, Dorothy Yip, Sunny Chee, Clifford Hui, Lisa Yam, Eva Cliffe, Martin Cliffe, Baldwin Li.

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