Exhibitions Graham Robinson

50 Heads (And Some Bodies)

  • 19 July - 31 August
  • Tickets: Free
  • Gallery Two
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Monday - Saturday (10am - 12pm | 1 - 4pm)

Sculpture, Sound, 3D video (collaboration with Lucy Nychai and PaulShpil)

Born in Yorkshire, Graham Robinson has lived in Hexham for over 20 years. He studied fine art sculpture in Newcastle and Cyprus.

Graham has been a sculptor for over 40 years and has worked in every material imaginable from stone and bronze to fabric and fibreglass. He has made giant sculptures for festivals, carnival parades and street theatre shows across the UK and internationally, but these clay and cardboard sculptures are a more intimate and personal exploration.

Most of the work shown here is ceramic, which Graham is best known for. However, the growth of online marketing during the COVID period sparked a new wave of discarded packaging waste. Dismayed by this, Graham now uses cardboard from delivery packages to create figures alongside the more traditional ceramic heads.

“I hope to elicit an emotional reaction, perhaps the emotions I feel when I make them, perhaps those of the viewer. I try to evoke those moments of indecision, contemplation and the amorphousness of life. I like things to be well-made but look wobbly. I like the qualities of children’s drawings and outsider art, the spontaneity and humour and the unexpected. We are all living our lives and terrible things are happening around us, and we are often not seeing it, carrying on with our day-to-day concerns. This is both tragic and comic.”

With 50 Heads (And Some Bodies), Graham explores the humournand pathos of life and human nature.

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