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Technical Details


354 seat auditorium (254 stalls, 100 balcony) with end stage usually played as traditional proscenium theatre; First three rows (44 seats) demountable.


Stage Dimensions 

Side Elevation

Proscenium width9040mm, 29’8”Proscenium line to rear wall7560mm, 24’9”       Forestage to rear wall 8660mm, 28’5”Grid height c 12000mmProscenium height c 7000mm


Flying System

11 sets of double purchase counterweighted bars
15 sets of 3 line hemp bars
Bar length c 9050mm
Bar operated from fly floor stage right

Counterweights 2, 4, 6, 8 are 12 way IWB’s and are permanent. Also c/w 9 is used as the Flood bar and is hard wired with no space for any other fixtures.

Stage Management

Sound Logic Intercom, cue lights, belt pack ring, show relay/tannoy system.
Sound and light operated from box (rear of circle).


Please note we now have a semi-fixed rig of LEDs. Please see plan.

LED Fixed Positions
Light Bar Positions

Cable remote
ETC Congo Jnr with v7.2 software
80 x 2kw Dimmers, (48 - Overhead, 11 – Dips, 8 - Booms, 12 – FOH)
8 x 5kw dimmers (4 – Flood Bar, 4 Dips)
14 Chauvet Colorado 2 Quad Zoom (permanently rigged please see plan)

LED Fixed positions

28 x Lito 1kw Fresnels
8 x Selecon HP 1200 Fresnels
6 x ETC S4 Zoom 25/50 Profiles
3 x Strand SL 23/50 Profiles
3 x Strand SL 15/30 Profiles
10 x 1kw par cans (CP62, please note we do not stock CP61)
7 x Colorado Batten 144 tours (permanently rigged on c/w 9)
1 x CSI Follow Spot

Front of house is permanently rigged with no additional space as follows: -

FOH Bridge: -

6 x ETC S4 Zoom 15/30 Profiles
4 x Strand SL 15/32 Profiles

These are hung in this order, S4, SL, S4, SL, S4, S4, SL, S4, SL, S4.

FOH Booms:-

Top to Bottom (both sides)

1x Strand SL 23/50 Profile
1 x Lito 1kw Fresnel
1 x Chauvet Colorado 2 Quad Zoom
1 x Qmaxz QS250S
1 x Lito 1kw Fresnel

Lanterns rigged in FOH positions are not available for use onstage.

Please Note that there is no advance lighting bar position

Small limited TRS stock
Colour stock (limited) – Lee, Colortran


2 x DN-C635 pro CD
1 x Tascam MD 350 Minidisk Player/Recorder
1 x Soundcraft LX7 Mixer 24/4/2
2 x Dbx stereo 15 Band EQ (inserted on monitor sends)
2 x Samson Com 4 Compressors
4 x Tannoy V12 FOH speakers
4 x 15” Dual Concentric Stage Monitors
3 x Shure SM57 mics
5 x Shure SM58 mics
2 x Sennhieser E845 mic
2 x Sennheiser Evolution 664 Condenser mics
2 x Sennheiser 602 mics
2 x Behringer B5 Condenser mics
2 x Behringer C2 Stereo pair Condenser mics
2 x AKG D310 mics
2 x G3 EW 112
2 x Me2 Lavalier tie clip mics
2 x Evolution 300 series radio mic packs
2 x Lavalier tie clip mics
1 x Evolution 300 series handheld mic
10 x boom stands

Dressing Rooms

Two rooms accommodating a total of 14. Three showers & toilets.
Overspill dressing room can be arranged with advance notice.


Get Out must commence within 30 minutes of final performance.

Please direct any technical enquiries to Scoon Ferguson, Senior Technician. E:

All Stage Tech Files in Zip folder

PDF Versions
Flying System
Stage Dimensions
Side Elevations
Lighting Bar Positions