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QHA Digital

Queen's Hall Arts' online digital programme -

On now... Isabella Martin: Timepiece

Queen’s Hall Digital is an online exhibition portal for new work and innovative projects. It focuses on creating opportunities for artists working with digital and moving image technologies and aims to build and connect an international community of artists to local and national audiences.

The Queen’s Hall Digital platform commissions a number of works via a mix of selected works and open calls providing an exciting opportunity for us to get to know what you are making, stimulating interesting discussions that could lead to further opportunities. 


You Mustn't Be Afraid to Dream a Little Bigger, Darling by Sid and Jim

A21: ‘1297' by Neale Willis

More Gnarly Illusions [When the Boat Comes In] by Erin Dickson

Hexham Weatherline by Jim Lloyd

[a machine that] feels like truth

The Cave by Luke W Robson

Querencia by Maxima Smith

Anna Macdonald: Progression (walking)

Memory Houses by Will Hurt

Leaving Venice by James Hutchinson

The World Distributed University of Distance Learning and Remote Experience by Lucy Pawlak