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Painting with Words





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The White Room

Saturday 11 July 10.00am - 4.00pm
Cost: £35.00

Creative Writing Workshop with Ellen Phethean and Kathleen Kenny

Have you ever wanted to talk to a painting? Does a poem inspire you to write an answering poem? 

Part 1: Looking at examples of poems inspired by paintings or sculptures, e.g. Ode on a Grecian Urn, Keats, explore what and how the poet is responding. A variety of paintings or artworks will be provided as stimulating starting points to inspire your own written responses, and suggest ways of starting, e.g. by giving a painting a ‘voice’ or imagining being in the picture or asking questions of the image. 

Part 2: Responding to a poem. Explore responding or ‘answering back’ to a poem already written, e.g. have a dialogue or argue with a poem, or write our own version of the theme. 

Referring to the original, and even using some of its lines, this is not plagiarism but allusion, quotation, translation, pastiche and parody. No previous experience needed for this workshop day; just enjoy art and writing and exploring words. There will be a chance to share work, discuss writing and give feedback in the group in a friendly and supportive way.

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