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My Voice Was Heard But It Was Ignored

Red Ladder Theatre Company




Showing at

The Main Theatre

Thursday 6 October: 7.30pm
Tickets: £15

15 year-old Reece is roughly accosted by the police outside M&S.

His teacher Gillian watches as his face is pressed into the wet gravel with a policeman’s knee in his back, frozen out of fear for her own safety. 

The next day Reece locks them both in her classroom, refusing to relinquish the key. He wants her to pay – and to fully understand the pain her inaction has caused. 

My Voice Was Heard But It Was Ignored is an urgent interrogation of racial identity, written by Nana-Kofi Kufuor and directed by Dermot Daly. 

Produced by award-winning Red Ladder Theatre Company.

"Written before the latest Black Lives Matter protests but delayed by the pandemic, the subject of Kufuor’s play has become even more pertinent during the wait for its staging." The Guardian

"Misha Duncan-Barry plays Gillian with simmering rage – rage at having to constantly modulate her behaviour in a never-ending and futile quest for acceptance and belonging." The Stage

"Jelani D’Aguilar is a real talent. He plays Reece with a mix of impotent rage, untapped intelligence, humour and genuine menace." The Stage

"Red Ladder want to create space to talk about difficult subjects. They have a mission to bring more people to enjoy theatre. Both aims were amply met as an audience that was ethnically mixed & spread across the age range left with much to ponder." Leeds Living

"Powerful and thought provoking piece of art… Dermot Daly’s direction was superb." Tyke It To The Limit, Stan Graham

Age guidance: 14+
Running time: 1hr 10mins

Content warnings: contains distressing themes, strong and racially sensitive language


This performance will be sold to full capacity. If you’re able to, please wear a mask, in line with government advice.  For further information on the safety measures in place at Queen’s Hall, click here.

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