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Matisse: Drawing with Scissors

Late Works 1950-1954




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Gallery One & Two

Saturday 15 September – Saturday 20 October
Open 10.00am-5.00pm Monday-Friday and 10.00am-4.00pm Saturday
(not including Bank Holidays and Public Holidays - please check before travelling on these days)

The French painter, sculptor and designer, Henri Matisse (1869-1954) was one of the 20th century’s most influential artists. His vibrant works are celebrated for their extraordinary richness and luminosity of colour and his spectacular paper cut-outs were his final triumph. 

Matisse: Drawing with Scissors, a Hayward Gallery Touring exhibition from the Southbank Centre features 35 posthumous prints of the famous cut-outs that he produced in the last four years of his life, when confined to his bed. It includes many of his iconic images, such as The Snail and the Blue Nudes. 

Image captions
Henri Matisse
Végétaux (Vegetation), 1952
Lithograph, 175 x 81cm, DACS 

Fleurs de neige (Snow Flowers), 1951
Lithograph, 173,1 x 81cm, DACS 

L’Escargot (The Snail), 1952-53
Lithograph, 286 x 287cm, DACS 

La Chevelure (Flowing Hair), 1952
Lithograph, 108 x 80 cm, DACS 

Nu aux organges (Nude with Oranges), 1952-53,
Lithograph, 155 x 108cm, DACS 

Nu bleu II (Blue Nude II), 1952
Lithograph, 116,2 x 88,9cm, DACS 

Souvenir D’Océanie (Memory of Oceania), 1952-53
Lithograph, 286,4 x 288,4cm, DACS 

Tristesse du Roi (Sorrow of the King), 1952
Lithograph, 292 x 386cm, DACS 

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