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I made everything

Anna Macdonald




Showing at

Gallery One & Two

Saturday 16 March – Saturday 6 April
Open 10.00am-5.00pm Monday-Friday and 10.00am-4.00pm Saturday

(not including Bank Holidays and Public Holidays - please check before travelling on these days)
I made everything asks: what would feel like enough? It is a performance for film that looks at the complex relationship between achievement, validation and visibility.

In it the artist lays claim to an enormous list of esteemed artistic, social and scientific achievements accomplished since time began. She is voracious. She claims she made everything. Some claims are true, some questionable and others openly fraudulent. During the film she performs a series of physical tasks with clearly self-generated constraints, which make them hard to achieve. Her movements are small, dogged and slightly ridiculous, contrasting notions of ‘greatness’ in terms of scale, permanence and grandeur. 

[Moving image, single screen installation: 1hr 20mins]

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